USPS reverses itself on honoring Senator McCain- then gets reversed again as Trump changes his mind

Hopefully this is the end of this whole sad sorry mess, created entirely by our alleged “president”:

Earlier today we quoted a USPS News Link story that instructed offices to lower the US flag to half-staff until further notice in honor of Senator John McCain.

This afternoon we began to hear from postal workers in the field that the order had been rescinded. We were then contacted by a USPS spokesperson who confirmed that the original News Link article had been posted in error, and that flags were not to be lowered in honor of the late Senator. The spokesman said that the USPS was following guidance from the executive branch (presumably referring to Donald Trump).

Shortly after we updated our story to reflect the latest facts, the White House gave in to outrage from veterans who were disgusted by Trump’s treatment of a fellow vet, and war hero, and ordered flags to half staff through sunset on the day of McCain’s interment.

USPS HQ will be issuing (or re-issuing) the appropriate instructions.

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