The Mysterious Pink USPS Mailboxes in Palm Springs

Several pink mailboxes with poems stenciled on them are popping-up along Downtown Palm Springs, the latest city for an anonymous street artist that has added pink in cities east to west.

About three of your typical blue USPS mailboxes are now pink along Palm Canyon Drive. The artist simply goes by “Pōət” with little information to share on social media. But what is noticeable, are the several cities that have seen the artist’s art such as New York City, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Victoria’s Attic Antiques sits catty-corner to one of the pink mailboxes, the owner Victoria Routh first spotted it about a week ago.

“I never really noticed it until they painted it pink,” Routh said. “A lot of people have come into the store because they’ve noticed it, and we talk about it being an art installation… because we don’t know any better.”

Source: The Mysterious Pink USPS Mailboxes Along Downtown – KMIR – Palm Springs News, Weather, Traffic, Breaking News