Trump tax law provision benefits Amazon, not letter carriers

No surprise here- our so-called “president”, who is so unhinged about Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, has apparently handed a major tax advantage to Amazon delivery people, while denying it to the letter carriers he claims to be defending!

TRUMP’S SURPRISE DELIVERY FOR AMAZON — It’s been less than two weeks since President Donald Trump’s last jab at Amazon, when he suggested The Washington Post, owned by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, serves as a lobbyist for the ecommerce giant. But it appears one of Trump’s crowning achievements in office will actually serve to boost his nemesis. According to a report out today by Pro Tax’s Brian Faler, the GOP tax code rewrite “will give many of the online retailer’s package deliverers a big tax advantage over the government’s own letter carriers.”

— Priming the pump: “People who sign up for a new Amazon program to help them set up their own businesses delivering the company’s packages will likely be eligible for a new tax break allowing them to skip paying taxes on 20 percent of their income,” Brian reports. “But federal employees delivering packages for the post office – including, as Trump has complained, ones ordered from Amazon – are out of luck. That’s because the tax provision is reserved for so-called pass-through businesses like the independent contractors Amazon wants to hire. People who are ordinary employees are not eligible for the break.”

Source: Trump’s surprise delivery for Amazon – POLITICO