Postal worker sexually assaulted on the job in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE — A United States Postal Service worker was attacked while delivering mail in a Milwaukee neighborhood. It happened earlier this month, May 5 near 77th and Hampton.

During a Saturday afternoon of grilling out in the backyard, Dave Wetzel witnessed what appeared to be a harmless interaction between a man and the female postal worker who was delivering mail in the neighborhood.

“Looked as though he was handing her some mail that went to the wrong address or something and then she ran around and got into her van and took off. We didn’t think nothing of it,” Wetzel said.

Looks can be deceiving. Wetzel says, an hour later, detectives knocked on his door informing him the woman had been sexually assaulted.

Source: ‘It’s unreal:’ Postal worker sexually assaulted on the job near 77th and Hampton |