USPS responds to NY Times article “How to Cut Down on Unwanted Junk Mail”

In his recent New York Times article, Whitson Gordon fails to consider some important points about the continuing value of mail. Marketing Mail is read more and has a higher response rate than other forms of advertising because it provides highly personalized messaging into customer’s hands, making it more engaging to consumers.

The vast majority of Americans include checking the mail into their daily routine and read or scan most of the Marketing Mail they receive. And this may surprise you, Millennials are a large percentage (52%) of the population who look forward to checking their mail and reading marketing mail (69 %). The Postal Service and the mailing industry are working together to invest in new capabilities to strengthen the value of mail in the digital world.

We’re collaborating to deliver better experiences for our customers, including leveraging the unique interactivity of mail to create new and powerful experiences. Today’s Marketing Mail can seamlessly link to digital and social data via augmented reality, visual QR codes and virtual personalize mail campaigns and reach consumers in more targeted ways. The Postal Service will continue to be at the forefront of helping to evolve mail to increase the value and engagement of mail through innovative design, print and digital technologies. Something to think about before you try to part ways with your mail.

–USPS Corporate Communications

  • Mike Negrete

    What a Load of Manure! Thats like saying people like their Email Spammed!

  • NothingSound

    I like my email spammed. Some good deals!