Fox News takes credit for Trump’s anti-USPS rant

So why did Donald Trump throw a mini-tantrum on twitter aimed at the postal service and Amazon yesterday?

As with most random Trump tweetstorms, this one apparently originated from a segment on the pro-Trump Fox News show, Fox and Friends.

At least that’s what Fox News says:

His comment seems to be in response to a “Fox & Friends” segment about tech trends in the new year which was aired Friday morning. The piece focused on Amazon making shopping easier for its customers.

The network didn’t provide a link to the segment, and the only tech segment available from yesterday’s show didn’t mention USPS, but given the network’s fierce loyalty to all things Trump, and Trump’s well known TV watching habit, the claim is certainly plausible.

While yesterday’s tweet was Trump’s first attack on the USPS, he has previously been critical of Amazon, mainly because the company’s CEO, Jeff Bezos, also owns the Washington Post, which has published numerous stories embarrassing the Trump regime. For his part, Bezos has offered to launch Trump into outer space (presumably on a one way trip…).

Source: Trump slams Amazon, says USPS should raise rates | Fox News