Riding along on last minute Christmas deliveries

Evansville IN – They’re making the rounds, they’re making them twice, whether or not those they’re delivering to are naughty or nice.

“This time of year you have so many packages you’re actually going out and delivering packages first, then you’re coming back and then reloading your truck,” said Linda Bilderback, a USPS City Letter Carrier.

Veteran carrier Linda Bilderback has been delivering mail in Evansville for more than twenty years, and even with a triple workload around the holiday season, she always has a smile on her face.

“I look forward to her coming everyday, shes not only just our mail carrier, shes definitely a friend, I mean we talk about the kids, her husband, she just lets me know whats going on in the neighborhood too, which is nice.” said Jenni Martin, one of Bilderback’s regular customers.

Source: Eyewitness News rides along on last minute Christmas deliveries