PRC to release results of postal rate-setting review

BACKGROUND: The Postal Regulatory Commission was required to initiate a review of the system for regulating rates and classes for Market Dominant products to determine if the ratemaking system has achieved the objectives of 39 U.S.C. 3622(b), taking into account the factors enumerated in 39 U.S.C. 3622(c). On December 20, 2016, the Commission began its review. Chairman Robert Taub will host a media conference to discuss the Commission’s findings.

WHAT: Commission announcement of proposed rulemaking of 10-year rate review
WHO: Chairman Robert G. Taub
WHEN: Friday, December 1 at 1:00 p.m.

WHERE: Postal Regulatory Commission Hearing Room
901 New York Avenue NW, Suite 200
Washington, DC 20268

The media conference will also be live streamed on the Commission’s website, If you plan to attend the media conference in person, RSVP to Gail Adams at