Homeowner says USPS action ‘feels like theft’

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – An email Monday let Shannan White know her Amazon package had arrived.

“I went out and checked the mail and there was no package in there,” White said.

Her first thought was theft because she’d heard of recent mail thefts in her Lake Forest neighborhood, but then she checked home video cameras.

It showed a private Amazon courier delivering the package around 12:30 p.m. Monday. When the mailman came around 2 p.m. the same day, the video shows him taking the package out of the mailbox, checking it, and putting it in his truck.

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Source: Homeowner says old USPS law ‘feels like theft’ – wave3.com-Louisville News, Weather & Sports

  • QuestionU

    Don’t know the full story, but USPS regs. dictate nothing is to be in one’s mailbox except mail pieces with appropriate postage affixed to it. (Private, Amazon courier services do not affix U.S. postage, and therefore are not supposed/allowed to place parcels in the mailbox. They are to be delivered to one’s DOOR.) Postal Carrier MAY have simply brought it back to PO to be returned for postage. That’s just one possibility.

  • Mailmam

    The carrier was doing his job properly. If the amazon delivery person had done their’s properly, then the package would have been on your doorstep. Where it belonged. The policy works well. If anyone is permitted to use that mailbox anything can turn up inside of it and no one can be held accountable. Stop complaining about the USPS but rather do complain to Amazon They are 100% at fault

  • chuckbiddinger

    “private Amazon courier delivering”? Or was it UPS or FedEx?

  • dd808

    What did the story say? It said “private Amazon courier.”

  • MrZip

    It wouldn’t matter if it was UPS or FedEx. The point is, it WASN’T the USPS. The way the statutes are written (put in layman’s terms) the patron owns & maintains a mail receptacle while the USPS owns the space inside. If USPS postage wasn’t paid for and affixed to the article, it doesn’t belong in a mail receptacle.

  • deimos19

    The mailman was correct to take the parcel but he was driving with the door open which is a safety violation.

  • John McCasland

    Not a safety violation if on route….under 15 mph….and not crossing major intersection….

  • Mailmam

    Yes they,Amazon, does have them. Although they usually show up in a properly marked vehicle. Most probably not UPS or FEDEX. They know to not use the mailbox.

  • justcurious

    Maybe the mailman just collect mail assuming going out mail?

  • Larry Croft

    He did the right thing!

  • Larry Croft

    in our area there is a company called Laser, it is a private courier service that delivers Amazon. NO ONE but the USPS can use the mailbox for anything except mail bearing postage!