Postal worker’s comments recorded by security camera lead to TV news investigation

NORTH CANTON, Ohio — The FOX 8 I TEAM is investigating a video clip recorded by a home security camera showing a postal carrier dropping off a package and dropping foul-language.

It happened in North Canton. A mail carrier can be seen driving up in a truck, taking a small package to the porch, and as he delivers it, he mutters. The recording shows he said, “(expletive) loser this guy is.”

Mason Donovan put up that camera at his home. He says he runs 5 businesses, and he has had trouble with the mail carrier. Donovan says sometimes his mailbox gets passed, or the mailbox is left open. And then this.

Donovan said, “It’s scary. You don’t know what he’s thinking there. You just want to know why.” He added, “I was out of town when I recorded that. You know, I have kids. If he’s gonna act that way when my kids are outside, what do I do?”

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  • Sam73065

    Too bad the tv station is showing only one side of the argument as always. They allow the homeowner to make inflammatory accusations against the carrier in regards to the homeowner’s children without any proof that he has ever even had contact with the children. Then the tv news crew does there “raid” on the post office to confront the spokesman instead of simply making an appointment. But hey, sensationalism, smoke and mirrors apparently gives them the right to trash this carrier with nothing more than a video clip and accusations from a customer who may simply be a jerk and not like the carrier.

  • David

    the carrier refused to make a comment so why is it one sided the carrier should never have said it. should have dropped off the package like he should do and move on

  • Sam73065

    The carrier is not allowed to make a comment on the record to the press. He also had a reasonable expectation of privacy when delivering the mail. His comment and feelings towards the customer are his right. His comment is not indicative of whether or not he discharges his duties properly and the homeowner offered no proof, just sensationalist commentary for his 15 minutes of fame. If anything the homeowner’s commentary backed up any comment the carrier was overheard to make in what should have been a private moment. Just because technologically we have the ability to eavesdrop and invade the privacy of individuals does not mean it is correct, ethical nor should be used to slander an individual. If the carrier had been making the same remarks to the homeowner or his children face to face, I’d agree that the homeowner potentially had a right to his concerns.

  • Mickey White

    Well if you were out of town, why wasn’t your mail put on hold???

  • Heath Thayer

    Hahahaha. Fucking snowflakes get over it!!!

  • PBChef

    We should always act as though we are being watched and recorded because we are. Don’t say or do anything that you don’t want replayed in a courtroom.

  • Mike Flarey

    the car was blocking the walkway inconsiderate how owner

  • babbusito

    and his mailbox probably has a door that is so loose it pops back open. or, it gets so packed with all his business mail it won’t shut properly. he probably gets tons of packages that come at all hours of the day, someone brings it out to the carrier and then he has to leave the route to take it to his house. then half an hour later, another one comes, when he should have them saved for pick up at the p.o. or delivered to his place of business. and then the carrier is also pressured to be done in 8 hours or it’s off with his head. the guy is a cry baby!

  • Sue

    We’d all like a mail carrier and a McDonald’s drive-thru worker and an ER nurse and a (fill-in-the-blank) WHO LIKES THEIR JOB and is always pleasant and never grumbles. However, we live in the REAL WORLD (unlike this homeowner) and people aint perfect. You don’t get a new mail carrier cuz you eavesdropped on this carrier’s self-talk.

  • common sense

    So much misinformation!

    1- There’s no rule against the carrier talking to the press, as long as he doesn’t claim to be speaking on behalf of the USPS. Having said that, he’s better off referring questions to USPS.

    2- You have exactly zero expectation of privacy when you’re on someone else’s property- doesn’t matter what your job is or why you’re there.

    3- The carrier is certainly entitled to have an opinion about anything he chooses. When he’s on the clock, however, USPS has the right to tell him how to behave.

    4- You can’t “slander” someone by simply reporting what the person actually said. Look it up.

    5- Your “moments” on other people’s property are not “private”. People have surveillance cameras and microphones to protect their families and property. It’s no business of yours. If you can’t control your temper or your mouth, you shouldn’t be in a job where you deal with the public.

  • common sense

    Well, he’s paying this idiot’s salary, so he has every right to complain. I love how you people make up excuses for fools like this.

  • Sam73065

    That shows how ignorant you are, he is not paying his salary. The problem is and was that there was no balance to the story. The homeowner had a personal vendetta against the carrier, shown by his biased statements. There is also no proof that the audio portion of the tape was accurately transcribed or even authentic. The carrier had a right to an opinion and even if the audio is correct, he had the expectation that he was voicing the opinion to himself, also his right. The homeowner did not post that he was recording and had no reason to interpret this opinion as hostility or even potential violence against his children. In other words the story is utter cow manure and the media outlet and homeowner are not credible in this case.

  • common sense

    Spoken like a true Trump supporter! When in doubt, lie!

    Yes, our customers DO pay our salaries. Where did you think that money comes from?

    The customer is biased? Well, yeah, I suppose “biased” means being irritated by some sub-human creature stomping around, swearing and bitching ON HIS OWN PROPERTY, I’d be biased too!

    Glad to see we agree that the carrier has a right to have an opinion. Sorry that you are unable to comprehend the fact that the carrier is being paid to do a job, and not to express his opinion about the people who are paying his salary.

    You people will contort yourselves into pretzels to try and make excuses for idiots like these. You don’t get that you’re selling a service to people who are NOT required to buy it. Keep it up and you’ll be looking for work elsewhere- and it’ll be a lot less pleasant, and pay you a lot less.

  • Ashamed of Kansas

    If you know nothing about the USPS and its finances, you should not be commenting on employees’ pay because you are WRONG AGAIN. USPS is a quasi-governmental agency that PAYS ITS OWN EXPENSES AND ITS OWN EMPLOYEES’ SALARIES FROM THE POSTAGE IT SELLS. PERIOD,
    USPS makes a profit every year but unfortunately, unlike private companies, it has to turn over all profits to the Feds each year. So even when Congress imposes huge unreasonable extra retirement expenses for FUTURE (that’s right—NONEXISTENT AT THIS TIME) EMPLOYEES when and if they are retired and then work long enough to get retirement benefits. Make sense? Of course not. Look up GAAP and see if you can find any industry that requires this. Only the USPS is required to pay this.
    Because we have not paid this ridiculous made-up expense for about 11 years now. Congress shows our budget in the red. BUT TAXPAYERS DON’T BAIL US OUT—because they and Congress keep pocketing our profits every year. We can’t even set our own postage levels to cover our expenses—BUT WE STILL MAKE MONEY EVERY YEAR.
    Get a life and stop talking about other people’s salaries when you have no idea what they are and how they are paid.

  • common sense

    Wow! You guys get stupider and stupider! Maybe you could try and explain what the hell you’re talking about? In the first place, USPS is a government agency. There’s no “quasi” about it. In the second place, I never said that the USPS gets any money from the taxpayers.


    Disagree? Show me where I said that.

    None of the rest of YOUR comment has anything whatsoever to do with MY comment.

    I assume you have some kind of problem with me saying that the customer pays this idiot’s salary.

    Fine- explain your argument. Here’s mine:

    As you point out, USPS gets no taxpayer funding. Psst… READ my comment- I never said it did.

    It’s financed by its CUSTOMERS, of which this guy who’s complaining is one.

    While people don’t pay for delivery, you and I pay for every piece of mail we receive in one way or another. If it’s a bill or statement, it’s part of the business’s overhead- paid for by all of us who are customers by way of fees or interest charges. If it’s ad mail, the cost is built in to the products we buy.

    What part of this do you have a problem with?

  • Sam73065

    Simply that you’re wrong. The homeowner does not pay his salary. I will give you that the homeowner contributes to the stream of revenue from which all postal employees are paid. But saying he pays that carrier’s salary is as ignorant as claiming you pay that cashier at wallyworld. You don’t. But hey common sense is only your handle, not something you seem to possess much of, esp if you cannot differentiate between a lie and truth. You also are rather ignorant if you think that making stupid political remarks somehow enhances your credibility or devalues mine.
    And yes, there is a media policy in place which prohibits you from discussing work with the media, esp the kind of incident brought out by this article. There’s also little chance of any kind of discipline being issued in this case, since there is likely no credible proof nor admissible proof from this video, which may or may not be accurate.
    However you might be smart enough to agree with me, that we should all bear in mind that in today’s world, it would be best to be careful of the possibility of a homeowner, business owner or any other idiot having a recording device on. That would be good advice regardless of whether we’re discussing our work life or private affairs.
    The part I find most amazing is your characterization of the carrier as sub-human and stomping around. You sound almost as ridiculous as the homeowner and news reporter and their slanderous allegations.

  • Robotnik

    What’s the Prez got to do with it? This petty squabble is below his pay grade, and he’s donating his salary to charity. The only vacations he takes are to his own home.

  • common sense

    You mean Trump? The fake “president”? I was comparing his pathological lying to the idiot I was responding to. Not all that complicated, if you have an IQ higher than the buffoon-in-chief!

    That buffoon, by the way, is costing the taxpayers far more than he’s contributing by not taking a salary. Millions every time he flies around to his hotels, etc.

    Let’s just hope one of those “2nd amendment people” he spoke of during the campaign ends our long national embarrassment soon.