Maine letter carrier saves the day (… and a customer’s house)

Lisbon Falls, ME — Richelle Dube was delivering her mail route Tuesday afternoon as she always does. When approaching to deliver to one Lisbon Street address she found the front porch on fire.  The carrier quickly alerted the resident and instructed him to call 911 while she attempted to extinguish the fire. When the fire department arrived on scene Richelle went about the business of delivering the remainder of her route.

The homeowner called Officer in Charge Darin Baker at the Lisbon Post Office to praise Ms. Dube’s efforts.  Stating that if she hadn’t acted as quickly as she did his whole house could have been lost, not to mention the potential injury or loss of life had the fire gone undetected for any time.  Instead, because she was there and acted quickly, there was only superficial damage to the porch and the house was undamaged.

The Postmaster General has an award available for employees who perform heroic acts while on duty. The Lisbon Post Office has submitted Richelle’s story to that committee for consideration.