Video Captures Mail Carrier Running Over Trash Bins

LEXINGTON, KY (Lex 18) – A 12 second video of a postal worker is providing a lot of answers for some Lexington homeowners wondering why their trash cans are sometimes tipped over in the street.  In west Lexington, off Stallion Run, trash day doesn’t always go as smoothly as Sivi Wills would like. “I came in today and saw that my trash can was blown over and thought maybe it was the wind,” She said. Face down and wheels up, her herbie is rarely on the curb. “Not only my trash can, I’ve seen others in the cul de sac,” Wills said. | Continuous News and StormTracker Weather

Source: Video Captures Mail Carrier Running Over Trash Bins – | Continuous News and StormTracker Weather

  • Lee Roloff

    The carrier probably should not attempt delivery – that’s my opinion – if the boxes are blocked. If that were me I’d worry about possibly damaging the vehicle.

  • GPS tracker slacker

    I push them all the time and sometimes you can’t deliver , customers get warnings all the time and refuse to move bins due to laziness . Thats the truth people have become lazier and lazier . they can’t move it 5 more feet away from box .

  • Mail lady

    If the mail carrier did not deliver their mail because the mail box was blocked, they would be bitching about that too!

  • Deborah Dicicco

    People like to put their trash and right up against their mailboxes and when the trash truck comes they leave the cans blocking the street. Take a video of your trash pick up man and let our letter carriers try to do their job.

  • equestrian13

    If you want your mail, put the GD trash cans up on the driveway out of the street.

  • equestrian13

    I don’t deliver if the mailbox is blocked. All’s we are required to do is attempt it. It’s unsafe and as a rural carrier, I don’t get paid to get out of my vehicle every time one of these inconsiderate snowflakes blocks their mailbox.

  • Joe The Mail Man

    Those trucks are over 20 years old. Empty trash cans wont hurt

  • Anonymous Todd

    2 things. First of all its most likely the collection agency placing the cans where they want after the can is emptied, the homeowner isn’t home to correct this until after their mail has been attempted. You can tell this by how easily the can tipped over. Secondly, these are rugged trash bins, being managed by a very durable and purposed rubber bumper. I know the USPS position considers this as “contact with a fixed object” but we are talking about trash containers that are built to take the abuse of a mechanical arm squeezing, pitching, flinging, dragging, and dropping them. I’ve seen wind treat these things worse than an accidental tipping. In closing, the neighbor that submitted this video should apologize to the neighborhood for what will inevitably be a centralized box on the corner of the cul-de-sac that everyone on the street will have to walk to to get their mail from now on.