Video: School surprises letter carrier on birthday

From USPS News Link:

Milwaukee Letter Carrier Mike Boothe began a recent day under the impression that a local TV station was planning to follow him around for a story about delivering mail in cold weather.

He soon discovered the truth.

It was Boothe’s 50th birthday, and the WISN-TV news crew was secretly working with students and staffers at a local elementary school to surprise him.

The TV report shows Boothe getting teary-eyed when he realizes what’s happening.

“Wow, I never thought I’d be lost for words, but thanks,” he says. “I’m going to let you all see my tears. I’m not wiping them off.”

Boothe — who is known both as “Mailman Mike” and “The Mayor” — has delivered mail in his community for 23 years.

His birthday surprise included a specially decorated mailbox filled with dozens of cards and messages from the school’s students and staffers.

“I try to promote happiness in the area and keep everybody smiling,” Boothe said. “I’m appreciated out here so it’s not hard to give back.”