Video: Infamous Denver mailbox has to be moved AGAIN

A Denver TV station returns to the story of the USPS collection box that was planted in the middle of a sidewalk. While the postal service has moved the box, the new location doesn’t seem to be working out either:

The mailbox can still be found at the intersection of 16th and Gilpin in Denver, but now it’s up next to a building.

The townhome association emailed us on Thursday, saying the last six months have been pretty miserable. It’s not in the way anymore, but it is on private property, about an inch from their building. That mailbox is loud, and right next to a window. Taggers are apparently attracted to the box, too, and they have started leaving graffiti on the building – which the association says was built back in the 1800s – now, too.

“We have no legal right to object to things in the right of way but things which essentially are built on our property without our permission or payment are objectionable. We’d gladly lease them the space for $10,000 a year,” Jim Donaldson with the townhome association told us.

So, we contacted the post office, and guess what. The poor mailbox is moving again. The Postal Service said it will be in touch with the homeowner’s association about finding a better spot.

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