Trump calls for “dramatic” cuts to feds’ retirement, health benefits

Donald Trump this week threw his support behind dramatic changes to federal employees’ retirement and health benefits, calling the current system “unsustainable.

”Feds’ benefits are overly generous and antiquated, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said in a statement when announcing the governmentwide hiring freeze. The administration’s criticism of federal employees’ compensation package comes after Republicans in Congress have highlighted the issue as a top priority for legislative reform in the 115th Congress.

“Federal employee health and retirement benefits continue to be based on antiquated assumptions and require a level of generosity long since abandoned by most of the private sector,” Spicer said. “Those costs are unsustainable for the federal government, just as they are proving to be unsustainable for state and local governments with similar health and retirement packages.”

Source: White House Throws Weight Behind Cutting Feds’ Retirement, Health Benefits – Pay & Benefits –

  • Robert Sullard

    Tell Trump that’s easy to say when you’re filthy rich. Try to live on a Federal Retirement. It wouldn’t pay for his wife’s shoes.

  • Alan Sabath

    first cut all the congress and senate retirement and health plans drumpf

  • nowandthen

    This by a Rich Bitch who knows nothing about everyday living GTFOH!

  • Bob D

    I hope that all Federal employees who voted for him are happy about this.

  • IIlIIl111

    All the old fossils who voted for him just had their blood pressure rise by 50 points!! Ha ha

  • stupid idiot

    people are panicking over nothing , this won’t have any effect on postal workers

  • Mailman

    Why so?

  • stupid idiot

    does it ever ? the postal service has never been apart of the rest of fed gov’t. just like theres no freeze on usps like people think . i love how the union tries to sway your vote towards democrat and now tries to scare you with all this nonsense . they know the answers they just aren’t forthcoming

  • Steven A. Rappin

    So will this apply to members of Congress?

  • Gracchus

    The rich are different than us. You don’t want your television stars walking around in tennis shoes do you?

  • dean

    try living on social security/medicare. I would love to have a retirement plan instead of ira/401k(which I have to fund myself. Reality is our government is broke and social security/medicaid/medicare/federal programs/federal employment will all need a look at to help fix the mess. Expect less in the future and adjust.

  • Richard Hackwith

    Once you retire you are no longer a postal worker. Your check comes from OPM not the USPS. You no longer get the postal rate on your health insurance. All federal retirees are in the same boat.

  • Bert

    Looks like Federal employees will pay for the wall they wanted.
    Looks like Federal employees will be begging for Omaha care once trump care kicks in.

  • Bert

    Sure, in some alternative reality where the GOP doesn’t control all branches of govn’t.

  • Bert

    The pay freeze a few years ago applied to the USPS (except the PMG) just like the rest of the Feds. Your statement can be categorized as fake news, alternative facts, misinformation.

  • Bert

    It’s irrelevant if you’ve retired, the changes to FEHB will impact retirees and current employees. You can’t do one without the other. As a matter of fact there is a plan for a postal only plan I call “Megan Care” of course PMG and executive leadership will be exempt from their own plan. So confidence high that it will be inferior and get costly quick with just postal employees and retirees in it. You should start educating yourself, that why we have the current C&C.

  • GordonG

    Click bait.
    I didn’t see one example of any proposed cuts…none, much less “Dramatic” cuts.

  • Shirley O

    Old and young .

  • old joe

    You have a fair point Robert. Except that the budget problems were created by 2 unfunded wars and tax cuts to the wealthy. Why is it that everyday working people need to keep making the sacrifices so that rich people can get more tax cuts?

  • old joe

    Or the CEO of United Healthcare to sell one of his vacation homes.

  • Wondering

    What is Omaha care? Is that run by Peyton Manning?

  • Linda Jean Curtis

    ok, guys, i still pay for my bcbs federal health insurance and am retired. also i am trying to meet financial ends and believe my 28 years of service is well worth it. now, in 10 months i have to paid for medicare. wow. and i have heard from people, they pay for not much. what is the point. that reduces my income to live. i just don’t get it. cause now there is another hardship. oh yea happy for the feds that take care of people that serve there country. NOT due to our gov. I count me as a lucky one. but i am alone so its just me being taken and being removed from the middle class. thanks a bunch. linda

  • postalnews

    Is there any KoolAid left “stupid”?

  • Eva C.

    People who actually pay their taxes.

  • Jerry Burke

    No govt retirement – federal, state or municipal – is safe from the Republicans. Neither is Social Security or Medicare. No private pension is safe from Corporate CEOs. If you are retired you are not contributing to any bottom line and are only a drain on the economy. If you are retired you are expendable. Work til you die.

  • Lena

    I don’t want a stupid wall and didn’t vote for it. After 29 years I can’t retire until I see what that tyrant is going to do. No life will be untouched..we are all going to be grabbed.

  • Lena

    I hope you are right.

  • Lena

    The last hiring freeze caught me as I was about to go from PTF to regular. Around ’91.

  • Lena

    They screwed us all including themselves. It’s sad that they thought it was only us and not them.

  • Lena

    Congress should cut their salary, retirement and health benefits first. Let them expect less and adjust.

  • Bill

    As long as they can continue to sell us the “we can’t afford it” lie, more will be cut and the gap between the top and rest of us will keep growing.

  • stupid idiot

    no need to worry

  • stupid idiot

    I’m right

  • damitall

    Federal Employees are at the whipping post yet again.

  • Larry Burgess

    Federal employees are paid around 30% less that similar employees in private employment but stay due to job security and health benefits.
    Take those away and there may be a mass exodus.

  • Larry Burgess

    They can’t afford it because the billionaires need more.