Trump freezes hiring of all federal employees “except the military”.

We haven’t seen the text of this executive order yet, or any assessment of its affect, if any, on the USPS.

From the Washington Post:

Trump instituted a governmentwide hiring freeze Monday, signing an executive order that he said would affect all employees “except for the military.” Trump had pledged to halt government hiring as part of his campaign’s “Contract with the American Voter,” which he framed as part of a larger effort to “clean up corruption and special interest in Washington D.C.” That campaign plan, however, also included exemptions for public safety and public health.

Source: Trump freezes hiring of many federal workers – The Washington Post

  • Bluto

    How does this affect new hires that haven’t been processes yet? Are they cut loose if their paper work and training isn’t complete? Sounds like a cluster eff.for those who tested and made it through that stage of the process.

  • postalnews

    Wait and see, unfortunately. I wouldn’t be too surprised to see a “clarification” excluding the USPS, or the PMG requesting an exemption. On the other hnd, he did specifically state that it didn’t matter where your money came from, which is different from other freezes, shutdowns, etc…

  • tabletman

    Sounds like more Overtime $$$. Convert the MHA to FullTime regular that have over 2.5 years in. Then management cannot hirer more MHA to replace them . Someone retire and no replacement just more OT!

  • Bryan Graham

    As a PSE whose 360 day assignment will end in early May, will this mean that I won’t be able to be reassigned back to my position assuming that this order includes the USPS? I know I need to talk a week off, but don’t remember if that means I technically won’t be an employee for that time frame.

  • Bucky

    Going to be interesting to see how things pan out.

  • Keisha Powell

    Yes, you are basically fired for that week. They pay out all your annual leave.

  • blueboy2017

    I am a career employee and currently work as a custodian. I took the test for mechanic MM7 last October and passed it along w my interview last December,. Now they are telling me that the freeze is not going to allow me getting this job. Can anyone tell me if this is true or valid under this federal freeze????