Video: Mother says postal worker “yelled at her” for breast-feeding at post office

A Roseville mom is upset after she was asked to stop breastfeeding her 5-week-old baby at the post office.”I felt mortified, and shamed, embarrassed, and angry,” said Casey Reed.

Reed had to stop at the Sierra Gardens Post Office in Roseville Tuesday. When her daughter Emilia started getting fussy, Reed got ready to start breastfeeding her. She didn’t want to leave the post office since she was already in line, so she decided to feed her right there. That’s when she said a postal employee yelled at her.

“She said, ‘You need to cover up, that’s not okay, that’s inappropriate.’ And there was like 10 people in line,” Reed said.

Source: Mother ‘attacked’ for breastfeeding in public at post office |