Video: USPS removes delivered package from man’s mailbox, leaves bill for postage in its place

CRANBERRY TOWNSHIP, Pa. – A Cranberry man was shocked when he was told his Amazon Prime package had been delivered to his home, but that his postal carrier had removed it and taken it to the post office, leaving him a bill.

“I checked the mailbox and found an envelope from the U.S. Post Office saying I owe $3.78,” said Scott Puhac.

Puhac had received an email from Amazon, saying his package was delivered, but instead of putting it on the front step of his home, the Amazon delivery driver had placed it in the mailbox.

What Puhac didn’t know was that’s illegal.

Puhac went to the post office to claim his package, and Amazon reimbursed him the $3.78 he was charged for postage.

Source: USPS removes delivered package from man’s mailbox, leaves bill for postage in its place

  • IIlIIl111

    Hope that carrier isn’t expecting any Christmas “greetings” from that customer……….pretty stupid move, and I’m a 30 year letter carrier

  • postmaster ted

    not a stupid move. following the rules.

  • 007jayc

    I agree with Ted. There was a new Fed Ex driver on my route and he would put packages in the mailboxes instead of taking them to the door. This would leave me no room to put mail or other parcels in the mailboxes. I was told to bring the Fed Ex boxes back and they would contact Fed Ex. We never charged the customer and I never redelivered the packages. The Fed Ex driver finally quit doing this. If Amazon is going to take it upon themselves to have someone other than USPS to deliver their parcels, then they should be telling the driver to take these parcels to the door.

  • Ricky Bobby

    Your hired to do a job. If you 30 years and don’t understand the laws, maybe retirement would work for you. Christmas, monetary gifts, are against the rules too.

  • IIlIIl111

    You sound like an idiot who knows nothing about the Postal Service………….And taking gifts from customers isn’t “against the law” . Better to keep your mouth shut about stuff you don’t know about and folks will only think you are stupid than saying something idiotic like this and PROVING it…………….

  • IIlIIl111

    So punish the customer for something some stupid Amazon driver does……………Huh??? As a carrier, my first concern is the customer first, Postal Service 2nd……………..