Dimondstein Scores Overwhelming Victory in APWU Leadership Election

dimondsteinstaples10/06/2016APWU President Mark Dimondstein scored an overwhelming victory on Oct. 6, winning re-election with 84 percent of the votes cast. Incumbent Executive Vice President Debby Szeredy won re-election, beating two opponents. Challenger Vance Zimmerman, who also ran on Dimondstein’s slate, won as Director of Industrial Relations. Unofficial results for all races are printed below. Winners are denoted with an asterisk; incumbent officers are denoted by “(I)” after their name. Certified results are expected in the next several days and will be posted at apwu.org. Results also will appear in the next issue of The American Postal Worker.

“I am deeply honored to be re-elected national union president by the members of the APWU,” Dimondstein said. “I greatly appreciate and am humbled by the tremendous show of support!

“I congratulate my teammates and all the winners as well as all the candidates who were willing to serve,” he added. “Now is the time for unity as we fight a hostile Congress, corporate privatizers, Wall Street greed and some in postal management who are bent on destroying the Postal Service – through piece-by-piece privatization and by degrading mail service.”

General and Departments
Mark Dimondstein* (I)    33,538
Jerry Stidman    6,618

Executive Vice President 
Debby Szeredy* (I)     17,495
Jeff Kehlert    9,690
Greg Bell    12,940

Industrial Relations Director
Tony D. McKinnon Sr. (I)    10,244
Vance Zimmerman*    18,277

Legislative/Political Director
Judy Beard* (I)    27,778
Thomas R. Benson    11,641

Health Plan Director
John L. Marcotte* (I)    22,057
Robert Furbush    4,505
Sarah J. Rodriguez    6,380
Lisa A. Norwood    6,512

Research and Education Director
Joyce B. Robinson* (I)    18,754
Charles P. Smith    9,468

Regional Coordinators
Eastern Region 
Mike Gallagher* (I)    3,690
William “Bill” Lewis    991

Southern Region
Kennith L. Beasley* (I)    3,407
Kim Guy    1,665
Princella J. Vogel    1,205

Clerk Division 
Clint Burelson* (I)    13,559
Ross Baker    6,095

Assistant Director (B)
Lynn Pallas-Barber* (I)    14,135
Reneé Breeden    5,543

National Business Agents, Central Region 
Cincinnati Region (B)
Randall “Randy” Downard (I)    402
Michael William Funk, Jr.*    568
Jacqueline Stewart Harris    278
Mark E. Graham    148
National Business Agents, Western Region
Denver Region (A)

Rob Preston    498
Vicki L. Carios*    620
San Francisco Region (A)
Sonia E. Canchola* (I)    1,066
Merle Sprankles    658
San Francisco Region (C)
James Scoggins* (I)    813
Pat Sartain    468
Terry L. Hood    448

Maintenance Division

Steven G. “Steve” Raymer* (I)    3,558
Robert (Bob) Hock    2,679

Assistant Director (B)
Terry B. Martinez* (I)    3,343
Michael “Mike” Burris    2,824

National Business Agents, Maintenance Division
Northeast Region

Christopher Howe (I)    464
Dave Sarnacki*    669
National Business Agents, Maintenance Division
Southern Region (A)

John Gearhard* (I)    1,081
Kyle Powell    443
National Business Agents, Maintenance Division
Western Region (A)

Louis M. Kingsley Jr.* (I)    537
Paul E. Maille    469
Western Region (B)
Jimmie Waldon* (I)    592
Caroline B. Federico    411

Motor Vehicle Service Division
National Business Agents, Central Region

Alvin O. Branch    139
William Wright*    295
National Business Agents, Western Region
Jerome Pittman* (I)    339
Edward Knipe    114

Other National Business Agents
Caribbean Area

Daniel Soto* (I)    191
Radamés Sierra    92
Nestor “Tito” I. Leon    84

Retirees Department

Nancy E. Olumekor* (I)    7,191
Karen Swift    1,548
Desi Neurohr    1,258
Joe Gordon    1,354

Retiree National Convention Delegates
Northeast Region

Dolores Young* (I)    1,147
Michael Bruno Ganino, Jr.    535

Western Region
Patricia Williams*    589
Don Cheney    417
Caroline (Carrie) Zeller    221
Patricia Mort    122
Dennis K. Wong    293

Uncontested Offices
General and Departments
Elizabeth “Liz” Powell
Organization Director
Anna Smith
Human Relations Director
Susan M. “Sue” Carney

Regional Coordinators
Central Region 
Sharyn M. Stone
Northeast Region
John H. Dirzius
Western Region
Omar M. Gonzalez
Clerk Division
Assistant Director (A)
Lamont Brooks
National Business Agents, Central Region 
Chicago Region (A)
Linda Turney
Chicago Region (B)
Mike O’Hearn
Chicago Region (C)
James Stevenson III
Cincinnati Region (A)
Mike Schmid
Minneapolis Region (A)
William Mellen
Minneapolis Region (B)
Martin J. Mater
St. Louis Region (A)
Robert D. Kessler
St. Louis Region (B)
Daniel F. Skemp
Wichita Region (A)
Christine “Chris” Pruitt
National Business Agents, Eastern Region
Philadelphia Region (A)
Robert Romanowski
Philadelphia Region (B)
John Louis Jackson, Jr.
Philadelphia Region (C)
Vince Tarducci
Washington DC Region (A)
Rachel A. Walthall
Washington DC Region (B)
Pamela R. Richardson
National Business Agents, Northeast Region
New England Region (A)
Frank Rigiero
New England Region (B)
Stephen Lukosus
New England Region (C)
Tom O’Brien
New York Region (A)
Peter Coradi
New York Region (B)
Elizabeth “Liz” Swigert
New York Region (C)
Bernie Timmerman
National Business Agents, Southern Region
Atlanta Region (A)
Robert M. “Bob” Bloomer, Jr.
Atlanta Region (B)
Patricia A. “Pat” Davis-Weeks
Atlanta Region (C)
Michael “Sully” Sullivan
Dallas Region (A)
Jack Crawford
Dallas Region (B)
Larry Crawford
Dallas Region (C)
Sam Lisenbe
Memphis Region (A)
Billy Woods
Memphis Region (B)
Jerry McIlvain
National Business Agents, Western Region
Denver Region (B)
Stella “JoAnn” Gerhart
Northwest Region (A)
Brian Dunsmore
Northwest Region (B)
Brian Dunn
San Francisco Region (B)
Shirley J. Taylor
San Francisco Region (D)
Chuck Locke

Maintenance Division
Assistant Director (A)

Idowu A. Balogun
National Business Agents, Maintenance Division
Central Region (A)
Craig Fisher
Central Region (B)
Jeffrey S. Beaton
Central Region (C)
Curtis Walker
Eastern Region
William LaSalle
Southern Region (B)
Carlos Paz

Motor Vehicle Service Division

Michael O. Foster
Assistant Director
Javier E. Pineres
National Business Agents
Motor Vehicle Service Division

Eastern Region
Kenneth (Ken) Prinz
Northeast Region
Joseph LaCapria
Southern Region, Southeast Sub-Region
Bruce E. Amey
Southern Region, Southwest Sub-Region
Dwight (D.D.) Johnson

Support Services Division

Stephen R. Brooks

Other National Business Agents
Alaskan Area

James M. Patarini
Pacific Area
Rufina Pagaduan

Retiree National Convention Delegates
Central Region
Paul J. Browning
Eastern Region
John P. Richards
Southern Region
Elizabeth Ann Bobo