Video: Man abducts woman from Los Angeles convenience store as letter carrier delivers mail

A woman was abducted from a convenience store in Los Angeles yesterday afternoon, as a letter carrier appeared to step over the woman’s foot to drop off the mail:

CALIFORNIA – A man caught on camera kidnapping a woman in California is now in custody.

The chilling surveillance video shows the suspect, later identified as 29-year-old Jose Eduardo Gaxiola Caro, dragging the victim out of the convenice store where she worked.

The suspect had stalked the victim for weeks, police say. He was caught after a police chase Thursday night.

A bystander in the surveillance video is being criticized. As the suspect drags the woman out of the store, they go right past a postal carrier, who actually trips over the victim.

Instead of noticing that something is wrong, the postal carrier appears to drop off the mail and walk out.

Source: Police: Man stalked victim for weeks before kidnapping