University of North Dakota “Fighting Hawks” logo goes postal

In 2012 the University of North Dakota, under pressure from the NCAA, agreed to stop using the name “Fighting Sioux” for its hockey team. Last fall the university finally settled on a new name for the team, the “Fighting Hawks”.

Over the weekend the University book store began selling merchandise with the new name and logo. Reactions were mixed:

fightinghawksNot everyone who shopped Saturday at the bookstore was impressed with the logo. Sandy Flaten of Park River, N.D., wore a Fighting Sioux shirt as she browsed through the store. When asked what she thought of the merchandise, she said she like everything except the logo.

“It reminds me of the mail carrier,” she said, referring to the U.S. Postal Service logo, a comparison others made to the logo, which was designed by New York-based SME Inc., when it was revealed in late June. “I hope they switch it.”

bn sioux logoNorth Dakota blogger Tracy Briggs wrote that “One person said it looks like the logos for Burlington Northern and the U.S. Postal Service had a baby.”

Source: 3 Reasons We Should Stop Complaining About the New UND Logo – Tracy Briggs