Video: Woman fuming over missing packages USPS claims they delivered

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) -A Charlotte woman is on the hunt for packages she says never showed up at her front door, but were delivered according to the Post Office. 

Angela Riggsbee called WBTV because she said she’s not getting any answers from USPS. “This is outrageous. Ridiculous. It’s crazy,” Riggsbee said. 

Three weeks ago, Riggsbee said she was anxiously awaiting two separate deliveries – a custom-made bracelet and a make-up order from the Home Shopping Network. “I saw that the tracking number said that both of these items had been delivered,” she said.

| WBTV Charlotte

Source: Woman fuming over missing packages USPS claims they delivered – | WBTV Charlotte

  • Roger Galliett

    Sooo… where does the GPS say the package was delivered? Any time a package with a barcode is delivered, the location is recorded. I’m guessing it was misdelivered, but the postal supervisor doesn’t want to admit it. That would be bad press.

  • Koyaanisqatsi

    If you go to the original story, the address of delivery is a non existent address across the street. An undeveloped wood lot. Strange.

  • Ladyphoxx

    No, they would be brutal to the carrier who delivered the package. He would have a P re-disapline interview and would have to tell to the best of his/her ability where the package was delivered. Miss deliveries happen, but usually an honest neighbor or the PO will find it. I doubt the story, not the PO.
    And no, I don’t work for it.

  • Koyaanisqatsi

    Riggsbee is sure the packages never reached her front door because she said her security cameras never showed that happening.

    “There was absolutely no footage of him getting out of his truck and coming to my front door,” Riggsbee said.

    Riggsbee said the Post Office keeps changing their story, first saying the parcels were scanned “delivered” to her front door, but now they claim the packages were dropped off at a mysterious address across the street.

    “There is no 8403, there’s nothing over there but woods,” Riggsbee said.

  • retired too

    Correct, a lot strange in the story. Additionally the items she bought would seem to have been of a size that would have easily fit into her mailbox.

  • Nedly Mandingo IV

    Same s- happened to me today. An Amazon order ALLEGEDLY was delivered to my front porch at 1:11pm yesterday via USPS and I never got it. I looked up and down the street to see if any of my neighbor’s had my package sitting outside of their doors…no trace of it. Amazon is conducting an “investigation” and will let me know by the next business day (Monday) on whether to send out a replacement. I think someone took my package. This is the second package that had mysteriously disappeared or grown legs. I live in an area where a footpath goes right in front and along the side of my house. Anyone walking by only has to look over and see a package sitting there. It would only take them 2.5 seconds to walk over and grab it.