In wake of Trump insults, Senator asks USPS to re-issue Gold Star Mothers stamp

Donald Trump recently insulted a Gold Star couple who happened to be Muslims, and whose son, unlike Donald Trump or any of his wealthy family, served in the military, and gave his life for his country. Now Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal is asking the US Postal Service to re-issue the 1948 Gold Star Mothers stamp.

Blumenthal’s letter to the Postmaster General doesn’t mention Trump’s hateful remarks, which were condemned by Americans of all political persuasions.

The implication, however, is clear- we’re all in this together- and you can’t tear us apart with your hatred.

Donald Trump, of course, would no doubt consider that kind of talk “political correctness”.

Here’s Senator Blumenthal’s letter:

Dear Postmaster General Brennan:

In 1948, the United States Postal Service (USPS) first issued a Gold Star Mothers postage stamp. Observance of Gold Star Mothers Day began more than 10 years earlier, in 1936. I write to urge that the USPS re-issue the stamp recognizing and honoring Gold Star Mothers and Gold Star Families to reaffirm and revive our nation’s longstanding commitment to them.

Gold Star Mothers and Fathers and Families are true national heroes. They deserve our deepest gratitude and respect. Their extraordinary contribution is beyond measure – not merely for their loss, but the comfort they selflessly provide others, and their model of service and sacrifice. In Connecticut, Gold Star Mothers were instrumental in the establishment of the Connecticut Trees of Honor, a living memorial to all who made the ultimate sacrifice during operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Their strength, courage, resolve, and resilience are remarkable beyond words.

Recognizing that Congress has traditionally approved the issuance of specific stamps, I intend to offer legislation when Congress reconvenes to honor all Gold Star Family members. But in the meantime, the USPS should immediately honor Gold Star Families by reissuing the Gold Star Mothers stamp with a Forever stamp designation.


Richard Blumenthal
United States Senate

  • Steve

    All the problems we have in this country and he is worried about a stamp.

  • Retired USPS ET

    Richard Blumenthal was a tireless dynamo as Attorney General for the State of Connecticut and continues in that vein as our senior senator. If you were to examine his record, you’d find that he is involved in many, many issues and committees, including the Armed Services Committee and the Judiciary Committee on Veterans’ Affairs.
    So yeah, he’s well qualified to be “worried about a stamp” and the symbolism it conveys. When a draft-dodging dick-wad like Trump trivializes the sacrifices so many have made for our country and even has the indignity to “accept” a Purple Heart medal “because I always wanted one, but this is so much easier”, then perhaps it is time to do something to refocus our attentions to what true sacrifices are.

  • googleface

    I think his message is powerful and his request is warranted,