Video: Mail mix-up affecting downtown Seattle businesses

SEATTLE — A problem with deliveries to the KOMO mail room led to the discovery of a widespread issue with a downtown zip code. Key correspondence is ending up in the wrong hands, and that’s affecting a lot of businesses’ bottom lines.

Although they deal in books, getting the mail properly delivered is critical to the Queen Anne Book Company.

“It’s vitally important because the mail carries invoices and receipts and checks,” said Janis Segress, the store’s co-owner.

However, for the past few months important correspondence hasn’t made it to book store’s mailbox, or it is drastically delayed.

Source: Mail mix-up affecting downtown Seattle businesses

  • Roger Galliett

    This story is too vague to be useful. Were the two TV stations on the same carrier’s route? Were the letters even carried by a letter carrier or were they sorted by a clerk and placed into a P.O. Box? Almost all letters are now sorted by machine. Is there some error in the address that could cause the machine to attempt to sort the mail by TV call sign?