Video: Postal Service slow to replace mailbox destroyed by mailman

SAN ANTONIO — Seven months after a mailman accidentally destroyed her family’s mailbox, Jeannette Guerra-Moya is still waiting for the United States Postal Service to buy her a new one.

“They should hold their employees accountable for what they do. We pay our taxes too, we want to have nice looking things for our home,” Guerra-Moya said Wednesday, describing the $150 mailbox that tore away from its pedestal as a mailman attempted to jam a package through its mail slot last December.

Guerra-Moya said she had just purchased the mailbox so her husband’s prescriptions could be placed inside it through a safety door, instead of left on the front porch of the family’s home in the 400 block of Vincent Street.

Source: Postal Service slow to replace mailbox destroyed by mailman


  • Cliff Clavin

    Problem is, it’s a cheap pot metal made-in-China mailbox. They have a small mail slot for letters and flats, but they are not designed for parcel and SPR delivery. If everybody on my route had these at the curb, I’d be on overtime every day because of too many dismounts for small items that won’t fit through the slot.

    Why should the USPS replace an inadequate and junky mail receptacle that isn’t even approved by the Postmaster General?

  • me

    What does her paying taxes have to do with anything?

  • Carrier

    100 pct correct. Total poo. Door breaks off. Then customers whine about what they spent. Suckered