Video: Texas letter carrier wants protection from mosquitos, Zika virus

SAN ANTONIO- The Texas Department of State Health services announced it will be having a statewide Zika workshop in McAllen on Wednesday. For people who work outside, concern about the mosquito-borne virus is especially high. Take mail carriers, for example. One mail carrier is fighting to make sure they’re provided with mosquito repellent.

For a mail carrier, this is their office, the great outdoors. And with that can come some hazards.

“For letter carriers who deliver out in this, this is our office, and we are constantly being bitten by mosquitoes and there is a possibility that a pregnant woman or someone who may want children may get bitten by a mosquito and get infected with the Zika virus,” says, Vice President for the National Association of Letter Carriers in San Antonio

Richard Gould is representing a local mail carrier who recently filed a complaint with OSHA after not being provided mosquito repellent.

Source: Mail carrier wanting protection from mosquitos | KABB