Video: Wedding Invitations Lost By Post Office Begin Showing Up

FORT COLLINS, Colo. (CBS4) – There was some good news for a bride-to-be whose wedding invitations were lost in the mail.

Nearly three weeks after taking them to the Loveland Post Office, some of the invitations are starting to arrive at their destinations.

Anne Rosenberg of Fort Collins says she doesn’t know where they’ve been, nor why they’re in such bad shape.

“They’re sliced, torn, dirty and they’ve obviously been run through a machine which they weren’t supposed to,” Rosenberg said.

Source: Wedding Invitations Lost By Post Office Begin Showing Up « CBS Denver


  • Retired USPS ET

    If the mailpieces went through normal automation they will likely have fluorescent ID Tag codes sprayed on the backside. If so, those can be deciphered to identify routing information for that piece (machine number, time, and location where it was first applied) and, typically, other ID reader-equipped automation that handled the piece within the last 30 days (it just depends on how much effort the investigator is willing to expend). Although not its primary function, this technology has been used for such diverse things as determining why certain addresses are routinely mis-directed or even to trace the path of dangerous mailings (ie: the anthrax cases).

    Most mailpieces (letters, small parcels, magazines, bundles, and packages) are at least partially handled by automation.