Video: “Mail workers in personal cars, no uniforms”- Texas TV station discovers rural delivery

From KENS TV in San Antonio- where some customers have apparently never heard of rural delivery…

BEXAR COUNTY, Texas — When you think of mail delivery, you expect to see a postal worker in a uniform and that familiar postal truck, but KENS5 is learning mail is being delivered by postal workers who drive their personal cars and dress in regular clothes.

A man in a t-shirt, denim shorts fishing mail out of his personal car is not exactly what you might expect from the U.S. Postal Service. That is who delivers mail to a luxury apartment building, located near Fiesta Texas in northwest San Antonio. The postal service told KENS 5 that zip code and mail carrier are part of its so-called “rural delivery route.”


  • Terry

    Where have these people been all their lives? This has been a common practices with USPS for decades. City carriers drive USPS LLV’s and wear uniforms. Some Rural Carriers drive LLV’s or their own personal car and wear normal appropriate personal cloths.

  • Hezakiah

    When I lived in the back hills of WV,the carrier wore regular clothes and drove a 4X4 Jeep. You’d never get a regular postal truck back there in winter LOL

  • Ann

    “Trying to cut costs somewhere” welcome to the real world people! Get a grip and a life!

  • Stacey

    You are an idiot!! Rural routes and Highway contract routes have been around since the beginning of the post office You’re just now realizing this? Why don’t you report something actually newsworthy? How dumb!! WOW

  • IIlIIl111


    Slow news day or what???

  • Cliff Clavin

    Rural Carriers like this one are doing city routes because management takes advantage of the weak NRLCA and the NALC’s president is afraid to tread on Megan Brennan and fight for those routes that belong to the NALC.

  • teacher extraordinaire

    Been around for over 100 years. Anyone ever hear of R.F.D.? Growing up on the north shore of Geneva Lake between the Village of Williams Bay and the City of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, we have R.F.D. – Until the entire county went with a new numbering system for addresses, in the same home we had four different R.F.D. addresses without moving. One year our Christmas card might reach you from R.R. 2 Box 163, while next year it might change to R.R. 4 Box 282. Talk about fun with insurance forms, driver’s licenses, bills, etc. When the Post Office said you have a new Rural Route address, here it is, use did so. As for the uniform and vehicle, I always thought that the uniform was only allowed in the city and trust me the standard issue Postal vehicle would NEVER make our hills and curves in the winter time on a 60 degree grade with mailboxes every 40 feet. Don’t know where this writer thought that this was a new or shocking thing, unless it somehow is in TX – although I completely doubt it… must be a slow news day. Get a life guy!