Video: Third arrest made in Mississippi postal worker armed robbery

DEKALB, Miss. A third arrest has been made in the case of an armed robbery that happened in Kemper County. The suspect taken into custody a long way from Mississippi.

Moore says Khalil Gibron Slayton was in Meridian after the armed robbery before fleeing to Ohio and other states. He was finally arrested in New York.

There was one shot fired in the robbery but no one was injured.

According to Sheriff Moore, the three suspects split up after the crime. The other two, Jamie Mobley and Jerome Benemann, were taken into custody right after the robbery occurred. He says the robbery was planned and specific.

“His last stop was to pick up mail there in Porterville. These guys knew exactly the route and the time he would get into that area,” Moore said.

Slayton will be extradited to Kemper County to face an armed robbery charge.

Source: Third arrest made in postal worker armed robberyKEMPERARRESTS2