NAPUS says GAO report supports its call for a moratorium on PO changes

From the National Association of Postmasters of the US:

napusOver the past 18 months, NAPUS has raised concerns about the lack of data to indicate the amount of money the U.S. Postal Service saved as a result of reduced post office hours and post office re-classifications. In fact, one year ago, President Tony Leonardi testified before a Senate forum on rural mail issues at which he called for a moratorium on further post office hour reductions and re-classifications, particularly with regard to current Level-18 post offices. In part, NAPUS declared at the forum that the lack of accurate data, no assessment of rural impact, and the absence of information relating to revenue losses justified a pause in post office hour reductions and re-classifications. Shortly thereafter, Senators Heidi Heitkamp and Tom Carper introduced S. 1754 and S. 2051, bills that include NAPUS-supported provisions to implement the post office moratorium.

This past Friday, April 29, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) added its expert voice to the legislative discussion. At the request of House Oversight and Government Reform Chair Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) and House Government Operations Subcommittee Chair Mark Meadows (R-NC), the GAO conducted a performance audit of POStPlan. In sum, the GAO concluded that the Postal Service’s “estimates of expected POStPlan cost savings have limitations that affect their reliability.” (Highlights of GAO-16-385, April 2016) The GAO went on to point out that these limitations include “imprecise and incomplete labor costs, including errors in underlying data; lack of sensitivity review; and the exclusion of other factors that affect net cost savings, particularly the potential impact of reduced retail hours on revenue.” (Highlights of GAO-16-385, April 2016) And, the GAO report concluded: “Although POStPlan was an initiative that affected about 66 percent of US post offices and Postmasters, USPS did not produce cost-savings estimates with the level of rigor that an initiative with such a large footprint may have warranted.”  (GAO-16-385, April 2016, p. 31)

NAPUS believes that the GAO report reinforces its call for a post office hour reduction and reclassification moratorium.

You may view the GAO Report in its entirety here.

Source: NAPUS

  • gwvwadc

    NAPUS left small office postmasters “out to dry” when Headquarters decided to implement POStPlan. How many PM’s left positions they were satisfied with, took downgrades to keep a job or retired because NAPUS leaders couldn’t or wouldn’t listen to those who could see what was going to happen to service, customers and employees?
    NAPUS can say what they want now, but it is way too little AND way to late. This is an organization that failed its members and can only now see what a lot of us saw coming.

  • Dan Howard

    I was a Post Plan impacted Postmaster who downgraded to a PTF clerk position. If I ever get back into the Postmaster Craft I dare NAPUS or the League of Postmaster to ask me to join. I wonder if any other corporation has downgraded their mid-level managers to part time positions? Oh and eCareer is an absolute joke, I’ve been turned down for promotion 64 times since Post Plan was announced in May 2012. Did I mention I’ve been with the USPS for 22 years, 17 as Postmaster. A former Postmaster thinks I’m being punished for not accepting their paltry early retirement offer in 2014. I could live on $900 a month if I didn’t eat or pay my utilities.