Update: Residents demand crackdown after drag racers critically injure beloved letter carrier

HOUSTON – Residents are fed up with street racing in their neighborhood and are demanding something be done after their beloved, longtime mail carrier was struck by a driver allegedly drag racing.

The crash happened Saturday on Scott street in southeast Houston.

“It didn’t sound like two cars clashing,” said Sharon, a witness. “It sounded like a bomb.”

Cynthia Sanders says two trucks were racing down Scott street near Cullen Middle School when one of them T-boned a U.S. Postal Service truck, sending the neighborhood’s longtime, well-known and well-liked postal carrier to the hospital in critical condition.

“Devastating,” said Sharon. “It shouldn’t have happened to a person like her, or anybody.”

“Her leg is severely injured. She has a large gash, and they just stood there,” said Sanders, of the two drivers allegedly involved. “They didn’t try to render aid to the lady or anything.”

Police arrested the two men at the scene.

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