Video: Idaho congressman says slow mail service is big problem in Pocatello

When Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson met with local officials in Pocatello recently, he heard about issues like prison overcrowding and fears of what a Ted Cruz presidency would mean for local federal facilities- but the biggest issue on everyone’s mind? Deteriorating mail service following the closure of the Pocatello processing center:

The biggest complaint commissioners had was the recent closure of the mail processing facility in Pocatello. Their concerns were not only the slow mail, but that important mail is not getting delivered in a timely manner. They worry about people awaiting important medical or legal documents that are slow in coming.

Simpson said it’s something he’s currently working on with the U.S. Postal Service. He said he doesn’t think the postal service realizes just how slow the mail has become, or the effects its had on the county since moving to Salt Lake City.

“They said originally that wouldn’t happen,” said Simpson. “That you wouldn’t notice a difference in the speed or delivery of mail or anything else like that. But that’s been a real problem. It’s been a problem here, as the commissioners pointed out, that with mail ballots and mail-in election ballots that have to be here, are they going to get here in time to be counted?”

Simpson said the mail issue is one he’s going to keep working to resolve.

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Source: Rep. Mike Simpson visits Pocatello | News – Home