Snopes debunks the Bernie Sanders  “Forever” stamp story

One thing the Internet has been good at is promoting the distribution of rumors- the more outlandish the better. This week, the leading myth debunking site on the web deals with a rumor that the US Postal Service has issued a Forever stamp featuring the image of Bernie Sanders, and the headline “Save the USPS- Vote for Bernie!” or “I’m Voting for Bernie!”.

Needless to say, the USPS has done no such thing. The “stamp” is actually part of a cleverly designed pre-printed envelope which includes the Bernie image, with a blank space in the middle where the sender is supposed to place a real USPS “Red White and Blue” Forever stamp. The envelopes were created by The Comic News, which bills itself as a “monthly journal of progressive cartoons”.

The envelopes are available for purchase on the publication’s web site, and come complete with the appropriate USPS stamp.

So no, the USPS isn’t selling Bernie Sanders forever stamps- but if you really want to have Bernie on your outgoing mail, you can.sanders-envelope


Source: FALSE: U.S. Postal Service Issuing Bernie Sanders Stamps :