Christmas stamps 2015: Greenland

One of the best things about the holiday season is getting to see some of the festive stamps from around the world.

Here are this year’s holiday stamps from the country closest to the North Pole, Greenland:

From the artist:

greenlandxmaspolarbears“To me, Christmas means that you are together and having fun with those closest to you. In these busy times, Christmas is a breathing space in which we can remind ourselves that we should be thankful for the good things we have and the love we enjoy from our loved ones. Christmas is the time when the cold of winter is cancelled out by heart-felt warmth and caring for each¬†other. These things I have tried to illustrate on the two Christmas stamps.”

About the artist

greenlandxmaspeopleChristian Fleischer Rex was born in Næstved and raised in Nuuk. He was trained as an animator at the Animation Workshop in Viborg in 2000. Since then he has worked on various cartoons in Denmark and Europe Рincluding Asterix and the Vikings. Together with Lars Frederik Andersen, Christian owns and operates the production company Deluxus Studio that delivers advertising and promotional materials in the form of movies, photos, illustrations and animation for businesses and institutions.