Video: Pennsylvania man catches letter carrier throwing deliveries in the trash

You trust them to deliver your bills, coupons, gifts and online orders.

They’re the men and women that serve your neighborhood six days a week.

But what happens when your local mailman decides there’s too much mail to deliver, and instead of placing it in your mailbox, it gets thrown in the trash?

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  • Eric

    Maybe I missed it but all I see in the trash are flyers and when I get them that’s where they go.
    If I am correct the mail carriers got paid to deliver mail flyers were a side line money maker for the post office and a few extra pennies in pay for the carriers with not extra time to deliver them buy the hundreds of thousands a week. In fact in Canada if I am correct the post office will design print and deliver flyers for a PRICE and the carriers have to sort organize and deliver dozens of different types sizes and weights everyday. At times more volume than the actual mail, with no extra time to do so. What we as a people need to do is stop going after each other and go after the ones that are pitting us against each other for their scraps.

  • Sprigsleg

    If people actually went after actual crooks doing mischievous things the way they went after workers, there’d be many more people getting caught.

  • Chris Smith

    Deliver the mail Its not that hard .

  • Mr.Zip

    I’m guessing it was a low paid no benefit CCA who doesn’t value the job,the future of the Postal Service,and if management gets it’s way with the carrier’s union in arbitration next year,there will be even more of them throwing away your mail.