Launches Virtual Mail Service that Brings Postal Mail to the Cloud

Yet another virtual mailbox service:

As reported by the U.S. Postal Service, U.S. households received 155.4 billion pieces of mail last year. This includes the mail mistakenly threw in the trash, the mail anxiously waited for, and misplaced mail. All of this physical mail keeps people tied their mailbox. virtualizes postal mail, allowing users to access mail anytime, anywhere. is a USPS-certified Commercial Mail Receiving Agency that gives postal mail a digital life. Every user who signs up with can select a unique address. Starting at $9 a month, will scan and upload envelopes and packages to a users’ virtual mailbox. Users may then choose to shred, store, scan, trash, block, filter and download copies of mail from inside the Virtualized Mail application. offers mail forwarding, allowing users to forward mail wherever they choose. also offers premium Multi-User plans starting at $40 a month, which are best suited for small-scaled home businesses or corporations. With a Multi-User plan, an Admin may create multiple users under one account, which allows for a robust, yet flexible virtual mailroom. Admins have the power of creating users with unique permissions and limiting access to specific folders. For example, if a client wants to restrict certain users to only the sales folder or control who has access to the company’s billing information – both can be done with a Multi-User plan.

Every plan offered by comes with an unlimited – no cost – amount of secure shredding and digital storage for life. Users can store their physical mail for up to 90 days at no charge. Users looking for long term storage may store physical mail at a secured storage facility for just 10 cents per envelope.

With, whether living overseas, traveling for work, running a home business, or earning a degree, users can access postal mail anytime, anywhere.

Source: Launches Virtual Mail Service that Brings Postal Mail to the Cloud

  • Liam Skye

    Why would I want to pay for a capability to sort my mail when I already have that capability and I don’t pay anything for it? Just digitizing it so I can do it sitting at a keyboard rather than standing over a trash can doesn’t add any value at all.

  • BQ99

    Are you sure your commenting on the right article? Based on the article this service isn’t doing / focused on mail sorting. It seems to me that their focused is on receiving your mail, scanning it and providing it to you via a Web application. I think there would be a number advantages to that: you could travel and not worry about being home to receive mail – empty mailbox, privacy for your home address, digital copies of mail for those of us that like to store stuff using Google, Evernote, Dropbox etc.