Video: USPS Board may soon be down to just one member thanks to do nothing Congress

The U.S. Postal Service loses hundreds of millions of dollars per year, in part because of competition from email and social media. People simply don’t send letters anymore. Several ideas have surfaced to improve the postal service’s bottom line, but the board which oversees its operations is essentially paralyzed. The problem is political.

It turns out the man who now serves as the Chairman of the National Postal Service Board of Governors is a lifelong Las Vegan who says he is frustrated to see political squabbles interfere with mail delivery. 

“If we don’t get any new appointees by Dec. 6 of this year, I will be the only governor in the United States Postal Service” explains Bilbray.

Source: I-Team: Politics paralyzes postal board – Story | LASVEGASNOW

  • Stellar Steve, LSSA

    Maybe we don’t need a postal Board of Governors?

  • greggating

    Here is a thought Pivot all the responsibilities, duties and work from all the other Board of Governors to you and do it in the same time and for the same money, like you ask all the carriers, supervisors and postmasters to do!!!!!

  • Danielle Marie Eyre

    I would sit on the board. The post office is a vital part of America. The PO preserves a part of American culture that is lost with digital media.

  • joe

    “The U.S. Postal Service loses hundreds of millions of dollars per year”

    Wrong! The Postal Service is profitable until they pay Congress the blood money payable due to the PAEA. Hello!

  • Val Nostdahl

    well I guess that is fair days work for a fair days pay, since my postal spouse got to be only letter carrier for a whole town for over 11 months without a day off, since it occurred around the same time that postal funds were used to pay for the Iraq war in May of 2006, then postal management violated the fair standards law, so maybe turnaround if fair game, in the political policies, paws of GOP, who then took and made a 3rd retirement fund, so it could be prefunded retirement not for the current workers but for workers not born and working all the way 75 years in the future, so they could do more cuts in staffing, removal of an injured, and have my spouse die, then rehire the casual they let go after he died since now they were short one more..