Video: Letter from USPS supervisor in Lubbock TX tells customers to move mailboxes to curb or no delivery

An unexpected letter in the mail. Residents were geared up for mail delivery changes. The U.S. Postal Service sent out a letter by mistake to a north Lubbock neighborhood.  Residents who live on Bates Street said they got the surprising news this week. The letter stated they had 14 days to set up a mailbox on their curb.

Isabel Guajardo has lived in the same house all her life. “It went through the tornado and everything,” she said. We are working on it little by little.”When it comes to the mail she just has to walk out her front door, but all of that could have changed.

“We were shocked,” she said. The neighborhood has always been like this forever. I don’t mind changing if that is what they asked me to do.”

Others were also caught off guard.”It was a big surprise, and I wasn’t the only one that go it,” one resident said.About a hundred people received the final notice letter. It stated they had 14 days to place a mail box at their curb for curbside delivery.

Source: Postal service sends out false notice to homeowners| | FOX 34 News Lubbock, Texas

  • Paul

    What’s so sad about this is that the supervisor is allowed to act with complete impunity. He marks “final notice” on the letter even though this is the first and only letter mailed to the residents. He is completely unaware of Postal Operations Manual, (POM) 631.6 which clearly states he can’t do this. Besides being able to look at computer generated data that guesstimates what a carriers workload is for the day, there should also be a requirement that a potential supervisor has common sense.

  • hrdcorefan

    What is funny is that Amie K Gutierrez is a city carrier acting as 204B according to postal records online…

  • BigBob

    Stupid reporters never stuck a microphone under Arnie K’s face. He could have explained WHY he sent the letter in error.
    Also explain that he’s not really a ‘Supervisor Customer Service’ as stated in the official looking letter, but a city carrier playing one. They call themselves 204b’s and always seem to looking for ways to impress their superiors.
    Think Arnie K will get reprimanded? Don’t count on it.

  • vitameatavegamin

    I see relocation and promotion in the works…….