New sorting equipment exceeds expectations

From USPS News Link:

Parcels are moving faster than ever through five USPS plants that are testing new small-package sorting equipment — and exceeding expectations.

Since installing the machines earlier this year, the Postal Service has found they can sort more than 6,000 small parcels per hour, or roughly 1,000 more per hour than expected.

The top-performing site is the Royal Palm P&DC in Opa-Locka, FL, where use of the equipment was recently expanded to additional shifts.

“Our employees worked hard to demonstrate what we can do,” said Plant Manager Linda Gray.

The equipment — called the Small Parcel Sorting System (SPSS) — represents a major investment for USPS, which is striving to grow its package delivery service.

Plans call for additional SPSS machines to be installed at 26 sites across the nation. The Royal Palm P&DC’s performance will be used as a baseline to measure national performance.

“This pilot site established strong performance indicators that will greatly benefit us,” said Headquarter Operation Specialist Lane Stalsberg.

SPSS machines also are being tested at the West Valley, AZ, L&DC; Los Angeles International Service Center; North Houston P&DC; and Queens, NY, P&DC, where the machine was the subject of a recent CNBC report.

Source: Rise of the machines | USPS News Link

  • Neil David Jurman

    Thanks to Liz Griffin and other NJ transports to Opa Lanka. These machines do not run by themselves the employees make it happen.

  • MrZip

    Finally, technology that works. Maybe the USPS should realize that their employees are assets and not just workhorses to be intimated and taken advantage of. But it is nice to read a report that something the USPS tries is actually working. I’ve seen so many debacles in the past (i.e. FSS machines, cell phones with 4 hr. batteries, scanners that malfunction). And kudos to the employees working the machines. You should be proud of yourselves. Maybe someone high up in management will realize that we are a team, not adversaries. What we could accomplish would be glorious!

  • Greg Bilhimer

    Wow, for once something they bought actually meets expectations ?
    I remember when FSS was going to save the Post Office because those carriers are all slackers.

  • Not so fast

    Perhaps they don’t preform so well and a manager or group of managers are looking for their bonus!!!

  • Surprise!

    The Flat Sorters worked very well until the Postal Service ordered about 100 billion dollars worth of them. Have they been paid for yet?