Video: Letter carrier caught throwing package while talking on cellphone

COLUMBIA COUNTY, GA- Grovetown resident, Brian Preston told us that he was irritated that this motion activated camera caught his mail carrier tossing a package on the door step as she appears to be on a cell phone.

He says this package meant more to him because it was a present for our five year old son.

The package held NFL Bears memorabilia. Although they weren’t damaged, this family says they order frequently and other items COULD HAVE BEEN DAMAGED. He posted the surveillance video on our NBC 26 Facebook saying  “he hopes Thursday was her last day.

”The United States Postal Service wouldn’t comment on if the mail carrier still had her job or not, but a representative sent this short statement saying…. ““The U.S. Postal Service does not condone the throwing of any mail, as a method of delivery.”

We received this surveillance video from a viewer… Hear from him as well as the United States Postal Service (USPS)- tonight at 11.

Posted by NBC 26 on Friday, July 24, 2015

Source: USPS Mail Carrier Caught Throwing Package |

  • Michael J. Walker

    We are suppose to try and knock and set it nicely next to the door, but if you would of seen the places that package traveled and how it was treated before it arrived the customer should be thankful it is in one piece.

  • Cliff Clavin

    I’m surprised there hasn’t been a service talk in our office about residents having security cameras on their homes. Many people do now. I have several homes on my route with cameras aimed at the porch and front door, and I’m sure there are more homes with cameras that are cleverly hidden. One resident is a police officer, and he has at least 3 cameras on the front part of his home.

    I started working for the USPS in 1983, and my supervisor at the time told me to always assume the public could be watching you at any time, so always act in a professional and sane manner. He was right, people do watch the letter carrier.

    I don’t always knock on the door, I usually “porch” the package by setting it down and not throwing it. It doesn’t matter to me how the package was handled before I received it for my route. I’m going to deliver it like it was my own, and I’m going to set it down carefully like somebody is watching and recording the event.

  • Patrick Strang

    First of all, I treat every parcel as if it were my own. Secondly, I deliver them as if everyone in the neighborhood is watching me. I’ll never have to worry about being on some new cast.

  • Patrick Strang

    And, who do the customer’s blame when the package is mangled? The Carrier.

  • Founding Fathers Rule

    Typical millennial. Entitled overweight POS who has to be on her phone all day or updating their Facebook page with how awesome they are instead of you know, working.

  • Kat Winski

    fire the bi-otch! And if I found out that someone did that on my route my supervisor would never hear the end of it!

  • Raymond Pickard

    Should be instantly fired. Leaving the mail truck running while she went up to throw that parcel. ( Literally )

  • tus 800

    no uniform means not a regular, career employee. this is the new usps , and these are the hires they get,along with their training program……

  • jjfad

    Soon every fast food joint will be paying $15hr, just like new postal employees get. Its not a career anymore, something to be proud of. Its a job that pays the same as mcdonalds, except you work EVERY day, treated like crap, and dont dare ask for off. Not to mention no health benifits. New people dont care, they can get the same pay almost anywhere, and be treated better. Post office got what they wished for.

  • Larry Gonzales

    Not only was she to lazy to put package down gently she was to lazy to turn off engine.

  • Li

    I’m going to be a devil’s advocate. One time I had to put advertising flyers in a neighborhood’s mail boxes. I live in Chicago and most if not all the single family homes and apartment buildings are brick and have steps. The mailboxes were not at the bottom of the steps but at the top of the steps. So I had to walk up 4-5 flights of stairs up and down for 2 hours delivering flyers to the mail box.
    I gave up and couldn’t deliver the remaining flyers because my body gave out. I passed a mail person and asked her how she does it, going up and down the steps to put mail in the boxes. She told me that several postal workers have their knees give out and go on disability.
    And I thought, why don’t people have the mail boxes at the bottom of the steps to make it easier for the postal workers.
    I don’t think THAT postal worker did anything different that any other UPS/FEDEX delivery person did. I’ve caught UPS delivery kicking my brand new computer in a box down the hallway, instead of picking it up and carrying it — or put it on a cart.
    If we wanted gentle delivery of our packages, we should have robots do it.

  • Li

    You are so right Walker. Processing takes 2-3 days going through centers and on trucks….everybody has to be careful how the package is packed.

  • oldpostalvet

    Anyone ever heard of a PS Form 3849, commonly called a “Left Notice”? That’s what’s supposed to be left if the customer isn’t there to receive the package, not the package itself. See POM 617.22. Basically, it says that packages can be left in “..a reasonably safe place” IF the addressee has filed a written order to leave parcels. How many customers have done that? Very few. If no such order has been filed regular packages should not be left, period. As for packages with Carrier Release with the endorsement “CARRIER – LEAVE IF NO RESPONSE” the wording itself tells the carrier to at least try for a response, not just automatically toss the package on the porch in plain view.

    The Postal Service, through its negligence in properly training new employees and in not checking to see that veteran employees follow the rules, could be a major contributor to package theft.

    BTW, I’m not just a ticked-off customer. I had a 38-year career with the Postal Service.

  • Old Mailman

    A CCA, City Carrier Associate, little training,heavy turnover,theives among them and USPS mismanagement will be demanding a higher percentage of them when the letter carriers contract expires next year.Thanks to Pat Donahoe and Megan Brennan for lowering the standards.

  • cheryl

    Depends on the individual postmaster. We don’t knock. We just set the package down in a place that it won’t get wet if it rains or snows unless it’s a signature required.

  • ajayon

    Any packages that say leave if no response means you are to knock and wait for a response. Our Union Nalc says we are not to even knock and drop but to provide customer service. I have observed many of the new hires running and delivering as fast as they can to please their masters. If they are skipping breaks and lunches that is money they are giving away to their managers times every day they work. Sad to see customer service replaced with a do not care work force being molded by management for their bonuses.

  • cbfour12

    Screw that I’ve seen regulars steal time, steal mail etc… Don’t give me this craps that it’s the ccas who are the problem because I’m a pretty good one and I know others who care and are good.

  • cbfour12

    We don’t do courtesy knock ever since a carrier was attacked by a dog after the person opened their door and their dog shot out

  • Tony

    That video is ridiculous! There is absolutely nothing improper regarding how the parcel was gently tossed on the porch! Do these imbecile customers have a clue of what these packages go through in the processing stages of handling! Talking on the cell phone in all jobs is out of control!

  • Sickofccas

    You’re in the minority then. The contract negotiations allowing ccas will be the end of the po in the future. Low wage, no skill, no care to do the job right, just run for that fool supervisor.

  • cbfour12

    I heard that, some ccas will run not me I’ve learned from the regulars the more you run the more they use you. I just know the regulars really appreciate when I hold their routes because I treat it as my own and the customers really like me too.