Video: Missouri town wants to get rid of mailboxes

CLARK, Mo. -Clark city officials recently decided to have all mail deliveries go to P.O. Boxes at the city post office. But the issue is still on the table.

An employee at Clark City Hall said the Board of Aldermen is looking into removing all mailboxes within city limits because many are hanging over culverts, making it hard for maintenance trucks to maneuver around.

City officials said switching to P.O. Boxes would make it easier on maintenance crews and save money on city maintenance. But some residents don’t like the idea.

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Postal workers have already started preparing for the switch getting extra P.O. Boxes ready and giving residents keys to boxes as they come in, Postmaster Connie Sample said. The workload for the post office and cost to operate would be the same if door-to-door deliveries are eliminated, Sample said.

But doing so would create a hassle for many residents, Neeson said.

Source: Clark city officials consider removing mailboxes | Local News – Home

  • marvin Runyon

    The law is still on the books to the. Eat of my knowledge. Once a delivery point has been established, it must remain there until the resident moves. Then the new resident will have to abide by new,policies, the postal service and the city has no legal right to remove any mail box without the residents consent.

  • 007jayc

    is the city going to pay for the PO box rentals forever, because I wouldn’t if I was a Clark resident. And the cost wouldn’t be the same if door to door was eliminated. They would save money by not paying a carrier to walk all day, and Postmaster Connie Sample knows it, so she is lying.

  • Steven Rivera

    The city has to get permission from the post office to move any mailbox. Having said that I’m sure the post office would be more than happy to have everyone get a po box. That’s a dream come true for the PO!

  • webbatty

    if the city succeeds in eliminating carrier delivery, the residents would be eligible for a Group E no fee P O Box. see Domestic Mail Manual 910.5.2.

  • rtsutf

    Under postal regs yes. But if local regs prohibit mail boxes then the PO will abide by those regs.