USPS denies it wants to privatize

The US Postal Service released the following statement responding to charges that it is in then process of privatizing the service by shifting retail services away from post offices to contractors:

The Postal Service remains committed to providing convenient customer access to postal products and services. Claims of privatization are false and misleading. We have no interest in privatizing the Postal Service. We are looking to grow our business, to provide expanded access to products and services through retail partners, as well as in our own locations. By locating postal services inside established businesses, we are helping customers save time, and in many cases, have the benefit of longer hours seven days a week than at regular Post Offices.

Source: Recent Statements

  • rdc

    If the mouth is moving, their liars!

  • Acarrier

    If that is true why not extend the postal service window time? At my station the line is always the longest at 5:00 when the are locking people out. Fools

  • George

    How about the seamless acceptance and self-certification for bulk mailers? USPS employees are prevented from doing a real verification. And you pay less postage if you do not go to post offices. Also new hires are temps who get hired only for a year!

  • Marcus1956

    Complete and total Liars.

  • TGIRetired

    What they really are trying to say is that we want you to go to Staples because it is more convenient because we have reduced window hours at thousands of post offices nationwide to save money.Idiots!!

  • Marvin Runion

    Help the customers save time???? Perhaps if you would fully staff your registers during peak hours it would solve your problem. No matter what excuse you come up with, You wouldn’t need to have other stores sell your products if you just did a better job doing it yourself. Stay open longer if necessary.

  • Sharon Brown

    I couldn’t have said it any better.

  • Amber Asay

    One befit of the post office is the ability to print your shipping labels online. And you can alway give and thing that is ready to be sent out to any postal carrier to take. They should always take outgoing…I am Carrier the ones the only get hired a year and i am now in my 2 year . And there are alot of people starting business out that have asked us to stop by and pick up the outgoing. Print your labels online be sure to weight them and give them to you mail carrier and you won’t have to wait in line.

  • Jeffrey Shane Hudson

    Not by it for a single minute,

  • Stellar Steve, LSSA

    Postal windows are understaffed or have reduced hours, as part of the plan by postal management to force customers to go elsewhere. We had a manager that looked at the line of customers, frowned and would blame the customers for having to staff the window. The only reason there are postal window clerks anymore is to handle the difficult and international transactions, leaving the gravy for the non-postal run sites. Also, the real clerks are there to be harassed by management, listening to see if all the “Mystery Shopper” questions are asked, failure to do so results in discipline now for “failure to follow instructions”…real nice people running the place.