U.S. government hack could actually affect 18 million

Washington (CNN)The personal data of an estimated 18 million current, former and prospective federal employees were affected by a cyber breach at the Office of Personnel Management – more than four times the 4.2 million the agency has publicly acknowledged. The number is expected to grow, according to U.S. officials briefed on the investigation.

FBI Director James Comey gave the 18 million estimate in a closed-door briefing to Senators in recent weeks, using the OPM’s own internal data, according to U.S. officials briefed on the matter. Those affected could include people who applied for government jobs, but never actually ended up working for the government.

Source: U.S. government hack could actually affect 18 million – CNNPolitics.com

  • Norm

    The post office was breached last November… Now I’m paying the price for it.. I won’t get my tax refund till next year in January.. I think the post office and government should give me my money now.. Not punish me and make me wait 6 months for MY money.. I’m not the one who hacked their Postal website and stole my identity.. How is this fair that if your identity is stolen to file a false return.. The real person.. In this case me.. Is punished and has to wait so long.. And I desperately need that money.. It’s mine anyway! This whole system is so screwed up! Thanks a lot us government for providing such crappie security online of all government workers personal information.. So it can be taken so easily apparently.. I’ve got no trust in the government anymore!

  • Len

    It’s not a “refund”, you simply over-paid, and lost the interest while you were out the money. For failure to budget beyond a pay cycle, and failure to calculate your withholdings properly, there can be no recompense. Also, identity theft insurance is available through most insurance companies for a very low annual fee. As are technical college classes in most communities on subjects such as grammar, and basic personal finance. I recommend that.