New Postmaster organization changes name to avoid confusion

In January the League of Postmasters and NAPUS agreed to merge the two postmaster organizations, which have been decimated by the closing of many post offices, and the elimination of postmaster positions in other small offices. The new organization was to have been called “Postmasters and Managers of America” (PMA). Now the organizations have changed the name slightly to avoid confusion with existing organizations:

The Executive Boards of NAPUS and the League decided to name their successor consolidated organization the “United Postmasters and Managers of America (UPMA)”. The two Postmaster organizations determined that using the previously agreed upon name, the Postmasters and Managers of America would result in the acronym “PMA”, an abbreviation shared by a number of organizations, including one that participates in the Federal-Postal Coalition, the Professional Managers Association. There was concern about potential confusion, particularly in the federal coalition, an umbrella group in which both Postmaster associations currently participate.

The merger of the two management organizations is expected to be finalized at their respective conventions later this summer.

Source: NAPUS