USPS responds to House amendment reversing service cutbacks

Government Executive reports that the USPS has responded sharply to yesterday’s House committee vote to require the agency to reverse its recent service cutbacks. The House Appropriations Committee approved an amendment yesterday requiring the agency to restore service standards to 2012 levels:

The amendment was part of an “effort to not have slip away unconsciously the great service of a Constitutionally required institution,” Fattah said at the committee markup. “We have the very best [Postal Service] in the world. It’s critically important to the economy and the citizens of our nation.”

USPS, meanwhile, lambasted the amendment, saying it would cost the agency $1.5 billion annually.

“Yesterday’s House Appropriations Committee vote to roll back mail delivery service standards to 2012 levels is financially and operationally indefensible, and the Postal Service strongly encourages the Congress to remove this requirement,” said Sarah Ninivaggi, a USPS spokeswoman. “The Postal Service simply cannot afford costly, legislatively-mandated inefficiencies that undermine our viability as a self-funding entity.”

Source: House Panel Backs Faster Mail, More USPS Facilities – Oversight –

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