Deutsche Post union launches strike: no end date set 

Members of service workers’ union Verdi at Deutsche Post made good on threats to walk off the job on Monday, announcing an indeterminate strike that will hit deliveries across Germany.

“We have to increase the pressure massively,” Verdi deputy leader Andrea Kocsis told journalists in Berlin.

Verdi says that the Post has not made any concessions towards solving the conflict through six rounds of talks over pay and working hours for 140,000 employees.

At the heart of the argument is the company’s plan to create regional subsidiaries where former postmen will be employed at the lower wages typical of logistics companies.

Source: Postal union launches strike: no end date set – The Local

  • paul

    It’s interesting to note that Germany is just slightly larger than the state of Arizona but they employ 140,000 postal workers to service 82 million residents, compared to the U.S. that employs 485,000 postal workers to service 320 million residents in a land area multiple times larger than the country of Germany. But yet we hear that we have too many postal employees in the U.S.