USPS spokesperson says consolidations will resume next year

Activists may be celebrating victory over the postal service’s consolidation plans, but a USPS spokesperson says the pause is only temporary:

Sue Brennan, a spokeswoman for the Postal Service, told Government Executive the consolidations will not resume until 2016.

The decision to defer the next phase of the initiative was based upon operational considerations, Brennan said, “and was made to ensure that the Postal Service will continue to provide prompt, reliable and predictable service consistent with the published service standards.”

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  • Postal Pete

    Sue Brennan,USPS Spokesperson,must be Megan’s sister,it pays to be the PMG’s sibling.

  • retired too

    Not going to happen. She came in and ordered a review of the whole program which would highlight the service degradation that has occurred. The next step is the realization that more cuts would now really hurt service further and cost business. The program will be quietly shelved because no admission of it being a failure could possibly be made. Then on to the next initiative.

  • postalnews

    “Must be”? So every postal employee who has the same last name as you is your sibling? That means Megan and Sue have 123 brothers and sisters! (And I apparently have 77!)

    Who knew?!

  • vitameatavegamin

    If it were true about the Brennans fertility, the Duggars would still have a long way to go……but given the nepotism and the good old boy network of the USPS, why should anybody be shocked if she was the PMG’S sister?