Video: Mail truck catches fire along I-76 in Akron slowing the morning rush

I doubt I’m the only one who’s been thinking “gee- haven’t heard of any LLV’s bursting into flames recently”.

Wait no longer:

AKRON, Ohio – A United States Postal delivery truck caught fire this morning in Akron along Interstate 76 east near East Avenue around 7:10 a.m.

The driver told that she was transporting the delivery truck for maintenance when it began to smoke and caught fire.

She told that she had trouble getting the vehicle to the side of the road because other drivers would not slow down. Eventually she got to the side of the highway near the bottom of the East Avenue entrance ramp and got out of the burning truck uninjured.

Source: Mail truck catches fire along I-76 slowing the morning rush – Cleveland

  • Retired

    Move along. Nothing to see here! Postal management and NALC have known of this problem for years! This is at least 10 LLVs to go up in flames in the past 8 years! So much for employee safety!

  • Michael F

    I would say 10llvs in the last 8 months.. actually probably less than that.