Video: TV station investigates mail complaints in Beaumont TX

Tonight KFDM News is investigating complaints about the postal service. One business owner is telling us he’s had problems sending and receiving mail for two years.

In March, we reported on the plight of several businesses on Laurel Street in Beaumont. Business owners there told us they’d had issues with the mail that had gone on for months. Since our story aired, the manager at one of those businesses tells KFDM their postal service has greatly improved. However, the owner of Hydro Clean on Park Street in Beaumont says it’s a far different story for his company.

Source: Special Report: Local Postal Service investigation – KBTV-TV FOX 4 Beaumont – Community News

  • Vicki Trader-Oller

    Good luck on fixing that. This mail will be ran through the machines instead of being sent to a manual section. I know. I worked there. They only want to run return to sender on machines. It will loop over and over again! Make a national complaint. An employee will complain but nothing changes! It is a fight every day at the post office.

  • Sandy Smith

    Two of the yellow CFS labels say “No Mail Receptacle”, how can the Post Office deliver mail if there is no mail box? Is it the USPS fault if the customer doesn’t have a mail box, many business invoices use a physical address for the building when mailing, not knowing that the place may have a P.O. Box address and not get street delivery. The one label said Return to sender unable to forward, meaning the address they are using is invalid for the addressee in some form or another. Address Service or Change Service endorsements are good for this type of issue and only when the businesses know how to utilize the service. CFS (central forwarding system) is not great and errors do happen when addresses are keyed in but a good mark up clerk will get these fixed to clean up the mail stream. At least that is how it’s supposed to work, but with the cuts in career employees you get what you get with the unskilled non-career hires.