Video: Michigan Mail Carrier Attacked by Pitbulls

From WBKB TV, Alpena, Michigan:

A little over a week ago a city mail carrier was out on her route when she was attacked by a pitbull and sent to the hospital for surgery on her hand and arm. She has asked that we not say her name to protect her in this situation.  

The mail carrier had just dropped off the mail and was leaving the porch of the house when she heard the pitbulls.

Source: Mail Carrier Bitten by Dog

  • J T

    How sad because it was a pit that the comments are made. I’ll bet if it was a poodle or shiz tzu no one would say anything.

  • Rin Tin Tin

    That’s ridiculous. In the first place, a dog bite is a dog bite- there have been plenty of stories about dogs of other breeds biting carriers. But why do you see so many pit bull stories? Because they’re more likely to bite, and more likely to kill. They’re bred to attack and not let go, the way a border collie is bred to herd sheep.

    Sorry- you may have a very nice pit bull, but don’t be surprised when it attacks someone.

  • Distrubance

    When Pit Bulls are in the neighbourhood nobody is safe.